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Holidays life =)
.Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Okay. Since the holidays started, i everyday went out. LMAO ! No time to update. I'm sorry =(


Prangin mall & Queensbay. HA ! After i met SY at prangin, together gave something to Yvonne, then i straight go QB took by bus. Yuhoo ! Met xinli, eunice, tbk & her gal ! wow~ she is so cute although she already 18 years old. Can imagine that she smaller size than me ?! Okay okay , i admited... I'm only 153cm ! (kinda short) HA ! When wanna take bus back home, meet my relative , HENRY Heng & his family ! nah ~~ i wrote u here ! x

As usual, i'm not planning going out on Sunday. But my aunt was taken my mom, sis & me went sunshine square. HOHO ! It's big sales i think. Well, I didn't buy anything. Just become a si lai gai gai-ing. XD
Say really. It's bored ! xPP but it's better at home for sure.

Went QueensBay again. LOL. Planned10.30am, reach prangin to meet cacing there. WE're late, terrible late ! We 12 something only reached. Because of the raining day. SORRY cacing. Okay ! I hate rain ! I HATE ! sigh* Then went QB taken by bus as usual. Afterward, i met him there =)

OMG ! skate. == i DON'T want ! boh huat FRIENDS important than. rite??

By the way, i made him pok kai ! break his record. HAHA. Met czw & liyana outside skate there. Missssss them loads. We went to Nando's for dinner after cacing backed. Before happened some suii thing, we kena denda RM5 because lost the card. BUT we no 1 took it from the table. zzz

LMAO ! wasted food ! ain't mine ! so geli hor?? XD

after then, we went for movie " THE STRANGER ". Actually i don't know what the movie presenting about. HAHA. A bit scary of the sound effect & the mask !

geli mask ! yuckss!

Finally, he backed. Me & A.H backed too !
grrrrrrrrrrr * suiiiiiiii !!! HATE !
when the bus drop us, on the half way we backed my home. BIG rain fall ! We stand at the beside road which a place that can't give the rain lam diok. == Damn moody ! Pity me, crush back home alone become water chicken ! sigh*

Zi Wei ! don't go out anymore !!! STUDY !

gambateh ! =)
by ♥ ziwei.

You know that.

.Wednesday, September 24, 2008
TODAY me, Lan Ching, cacing & Agnes have runned a special mission for Ai Hong's belated birthday ! AHA. I reached school as usual today. When cacing was arrived too, she was taking out the XX from her school bag. LOL. The XX was flatten by cacing's school bag. == Nevermind then, we were taking the XX to office & wanted ask pn.peh [ disiplin teacher ] for permission. But, she's not there. So, we 4 just moved around. Ms ling saw us & asked what we wanted to do for. As well as she also is our disiplin teacher, we straightly asked her. HAH ! she suprised & laugh when we asked wanna use XX to celebrate birthday ! No doubt for sure ! We these 4 siao kia also laugh at the same moment.

REST TIME. 1st, lan ching & agnes took ai hong down to canteen buy for eat. then, me & cacing prepared take the XX go down. TADAA ! when sitting at the floor eating, we started talk blah blah blah non-sense then suddenly took out the XX for celebrated birthday! HAHAHA. Ai Hong shocked & laugh, then run away. LOL. We 4 added czw & yen li keeping laugh non-stop ! DON'T blame us. It's really too funny already ! curious about the XX ?? is the .... . .. . " MI KU " haha. know what's that?? The pink pink 1 just like a roti. xD

well, overall today we also discussed our school disiplin, hair style [ arghhh ! maybe will cut off short hair ! ] & our class attitude with Ms ling. discussed till 2 periods, totally NO study. *sigh* our class 4s2 is that bad huh?? are we?? By the way, Ms ling praised me tied my hair neat ! Wee! XD

You know that.

Grrrrrr .
Yesterday around 11.00pm. my house & the area arround of my house were NO electricity supplied by sudden ! == damnnnn it ! shocked on that time while i was doing my homeworks & watched TV show. is HOT, BORED & DARK DARK DARK. Since that we just put a little candle on the middle. LOL. So, just sit at sofa listening the mp3, sms & chatting with family. While on chit-chat that moment, my bro was tried to kill me off !!! He perli ME about " something " in front my mom ! HNG !

According as my impression, this type incident had happened twice for this month ! Grrrr * " what's going on har??" luckily yesterday about an hour (12 midnight something), the electricity was continued supply ! yippy ! as better than the last time___ 4 hours ! huiyooo ! IF it happen again, sure wanna complain it next time.

Well, beside complaining on that moment, i had luan luan took some photo when i was in
boringggggggg condition. HAHA. but pangsim. i didn't capture any " anti-matter " yet. i won't so " lucky " gua. But sure that if really going happen, i absolutely upload here to share with u all ! hehee. WAIT FOR ME ! xP

* popi popi *
please don't occur this incident again.
by ♥ zi wei.

You know that.

Happy Birthday my DEARest =)
.Sunday, September 21, 2008
hey hey hey ! What a special day TODAY is. =D
TADAAA! * It's HIS [ my da ben dan] birthday ! wow~ HAHA. I didn't celebrate with him yet since that his trial exam haven't end. *sigh* =( but cheer ! maybe after will celebrate the belated.. heheee. Oopps ! the present !! I bought it few days ago. shhhhhhh ~~ it's not the time to let u all know what the present i bought 1st ! i want get some suprise & shen mi gan to him. XP hope HE love it.

see this. very cute huh?? >>>>>>>>
is HIM is HIM !!! HAHA. just only can look out his half face. XD very creative i edited this photo, ain't I ?? hehee. da ben dan. DON'T angry when see this. HAHA. i just can't tahan to put this at here. xDDD.
Finally, dear lovely da ben dan !
wish u here again ! XD



hope all ur dreams come true yea ! xD

Happy & healthy always =)
by ❤ zi wei.

You know that.

.Saturday, September 20, 2008
playback : THURSDAY, 18.9.2008.

i just attended to lee choo hock tuition center on that day, since sir[Anthony] still enjoying a wonderful travel to Australia so he holidays us. HAHA.

It's so stress & having bad temper when I reached lee choo hock tuition. I don't know why had happened on it maybe i was in UNWELL condition____headache + eyes pain. *SIGN*
Even though my friends talked to me, i also didn't have patient to listen what they're talking about. I just answered them by a lil lil bit impolite tone. SORRY.

Otherwise, i even NO talked anymore yet when tuition already. Yi Mei felt curious on me, she thought somethings happened of causing me MOODY ! Though i told her what i suffered through sms [
we can't talk while sir are teaching,we are good student. heheee =) ] , she still didn't trust & said my face betrayed myself ! HAHA. Finally, i can't tahan already !!! my eyes were very pain ! Grrrrrr ! I quickly took off my lens & put them down on the table. HA ! it's work ! Later on i felt better than. Yohooo ! XD but i also became a aged ah ma ! can't look a even a thing clearly. LOL

Yi Mei, cacing & me boring until tried & played the lens ! Rolled the lens to a small ball, stick it.... etc.
us. muahaha*.

Wanna watch a stupid lame "lens" magic show??

1 piece
magic magic ! 3 pieces !!

huh?? @@ & MORE ! 4 pieces !! LOL

NO worries. It's just broken a piece a piece by ME only. I'm not that
geng yet, really know how to entertain a magic show. HAHA. am i naughty right ?? Oopss ! 2.37am. It's too LATE for now !
well, I'm need going to bed soon =).

i missssss HIM right now ! =(

night! sweet dreams.
by ♥ ziwei

You know that.

just a new BLOGGER.
.Thursday, September 18, 2008

*ding dong ding dong*
hello ! my friends,family,bloggerss ,strangers or "anti-matter ".
ziwei is here! LOL.

well, from now on a new blog was borned in my life !
let's welcome it ! *clap*

isn't the address very loooonggggg huh??? many friends were complained about it. HAHA. No matter how, I LOVE IT !!! No doubted, because it got a special meaning inside there !!! muahaha* seriously, i already had 2 blogs before. The 1st 1, i was quited. but another 1 i'll continue it. As long as it had followed me for a whole year +++ , it's NOT to be hardhearted enough to delete it. =)

normally i'm using it with typing mandarin. * p/s: because my english poor like hell ! * =( people who interested on it, just click to there & have a look or comments it is a better way yea .
thank you! XD

dearly bloggers & friendsssss.
if either of u all, have a blogspot or any else.
just drop message at chit-chat box there. i'll link YOU. XD

You know that.


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