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Earth Hour
.Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Earth Hour.
But seem like not-so-many humans support it. Sighhh*
Our poor earth is gotta destroying by us.

During Earth Hour, there's 8.30pm till 9.30pm. Around my home, even my neighbours all had switch on the lights but off.

Much messages coming during this moment. LOL.
Most of all said this, " switch off your lights liao boh ?! "
hahaha* We just syok sendiri. Nothing special, nothing romantic and nothing fun.

Otherwise, I supported Earth hour but then it gift me a special present. ==

I knew it yuck, i mean VERY YUCK. My arm. T_______T
Blame the mosquitosss ! ishhh.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Saturday, March 28, 2009
Had extra class yesterday ; ended at 3.00pm. So, Yong Yu fetched me back with her motor. HAHAH*

My home 1st then went to Gurney. Weee ~
Yong Yu wanted to buy Roxy pencil case, but there's out of choices. Too bad. So we went there just for tea time at Kim Gary. We ordered tones of food. WTH* we cant finished

Met my darling, yi phing, chaiwei, jia ying, and hiak hiak hiak.... Jia ying, You knew it ! *grins*

one of my food.

this is yong yu. closed the face pulak. ==

chaiwei and yiphing.

me with the silly face.

The next location, Yong yu's home. We chatted lots and listened to the music.
Went to night market around 9pm. Ai Hong was p-p-k us. Oh gosh. ==

Something crazy people did this to us. We were on motor. A silly uncle suddenly stopped his car in front of us. Then downed his car came and talked to us. Well, that's doesn't matter.

The problem is we at the middle of the road. How crazy he is ?! == He asked wanna do part time ?, bla bla bla... Kept don't let us go away and called us to give him number. Stupid mia people only believe on him. Measured us with his yam eyes, Oh goshhhhh ! geli dao.

Nobody helped us. Because others thought us bang him. What-The-Hell ! ==
Summore asked him what problem but not us. Ishhh.
While others asked him, yong yu quickly lap her motor then run away. Omg omg. Really scared us.

p/s : girls should be careful all the time !

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

Annual Sport day 2009
Thursday was my school's sport day. It's rain not so heavily. The 1st rainie sport day and the last for me.

*picture will be upload soon while get photo from buddies*

Took part in colour house marching competition. But red house was lose. T_______T
sad, really sad. sighhh*

Well, I had duty on that day. It was easy. I just need to take the flags and so-called "papan" that shoot by the gun while at starting point.

By the way, June and Jin Wee, both of you did very very very well ! You rock ! You're worth to get the GOLD. Felf proud of you ! *grins*

The result :
1st place : Blue (105)
2nd place : Red ( 105 too !)
3rd place : Yellow
4th place : Green

Wonder why red house will be the 2nd ? Because the golds are less than the blue house. Sighhhh*

The sport day ended. We went Time Square to take for a look. There's only 2 shops. ==
No visitor except some workers and us. LOL. Was so syok. HAHAHA*

the outside's ang kong nga. xP

The inside.

mooo~ mooo~

The upside floor.

was blank yet.

Since there was nothing, we headed to Prangin. On the way by our bus no. 11. We saw the banner. Say cheese. xP

Promoting. xDD

Went prangin for movie actually but it was temporary closed. == We had our lunch then back.
The day, we not so enjoyed. =X Till then.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

Birthday Wishes
.Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Today someone is the biggest !
Opss ! Did i say the biggest ? x))
324 324 324. someone love it muchhhhh !

Is her. Yi mei.

edited for her. *grin*
Do click the pict to her bloggie.

Well, tomorrow turns Siew Chen's bday.
She is awesome ! haha* Yeahhhh ! I love her every marks of the test papers. xD

nice and cute !


Wish both of you,
Happy always, healthy always, stay being guai kiaaa and leng leng always. HAHAH*
and sure, Straight Assss for your SPM. xDD

p/s : owe you birthday's present 1st harrr. ahbui buy yet. xP

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Monday, March 23, 2009
Hamik sai ? hamik gui ? Apa tu ?!

Ohhh greattt ! I got a sipek sipek sipek suii eh marks for BIOLOGY ! HAHAHAHA*
The only subject I got it Failed ! Oisyehhhh. Should I happy for that ?! ==
Za sei lei ; Za sei lei. Why can't passs ? Never pass since i was F4 lehhh.

By the way, something shocked me ; i was like gong gong seeing the test paper ! hahahha* I thought I was just dreaming.
*slap slap slap*
It's definitely not a dream. Wahsaiiii ! I got an A for A.Maths.
The first time..... I PASSED. I never pass it man ! *shy* Happy ka like dancing in the hell. xD

Then, the others were so-so lahh.

And.. and.. anddd..
This week might be running rapidly !

Tomorrow going stadium for rehearsal of sport day ;
Thursday the sport day ;
Friday, ready to take whole form 5's students picture and class photo of course. *grins*

P/s: All must set suii suii, wear nice nice and neat neat har. x)

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Sunday, March 22, 2009
Tagged by Kcyang.

The Rules :

Copy this, erase my answers and enter yours.
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
They have to be real, nothing made up!
If the person before you had the same first initial,you must use different answers.
You cannot use any words twice & you can't use your name for the boy/girl name part.

1.What is your name: Viltz ziwei.

2.A four letter word: vase

3.A boy's name: Vic

4.A girl's name: Vanessa

5.An occupation: Valuator

6.A color: Violet

7.Something you wear: Very yellow T. lol

9.Something found in the bathroom: Value product ! haha*

10.A place: Vatican City

11.A reason for being late: Very late for wake up.

12.Something you shout: V sign !

13.A movie title: Vampires Knight

14.Something you drink: Vinilla's drink ?

15.A musical group: Vanilla Ninja

16.An animal: Vampires ! hoho*

17.A street name: Very well-known street. lol*

18.A type of car: Volvo

19.A song title: Viva la Vida

20.A verb: vain

People I tag,


❤ ziwei.

You know that.

Hotel For Dogs.
.Friday, March 20, 2009
Went Gurney today. Thanks for cousin fetched me there. Hee*
Well, much peoples ppk ; Just with Xinlu. == We watched Hotel For Dogs. Doggiess doggiesss and doggiesss. Much doggiess around me. LOL. I mean the movie i watched, all related 'bout dogs. I have no idea. hahaha*

By the way, Its comedy movie, i think ?

The teenagers. LOL

Romeo and Juliet.

Friday. =] Pretty cute huh ?

Met yilin today. and other plurkers jia wei and some bro's friend ? Hah.

M.Y. still.
❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Article below shown I'm just being bad-tempered. Ignore me. *grin*

Time flies.

Obviously, it just makes me discontent on you more than forgetten.

Who cares ? ROAR*

Don't simply promised whatsoever that you can't sucess it !

In case, I admitted that I will simply believe on you, perhaps ?

You are driving me insane !!! wth*

I hate you ;
I hate you, my feeling ;
I hate you still being such an idiot ;
I hate you, ziwei.

still the same. xxx
❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Sunday, March 15, 2009
Okay. Flashed back to yesterday. Hanged out with Agnes,Cacing and A.Hong to Queensbay as usual.

Terrible ! The MCC A.hong, she'd forgotten bout her wallet. O-M-G. She put it on bus. Then, byeee. Summore we found back the bus, inside there was nothing except rubbishssss. == Later on, met up cacing and Agnes then headed Queens.

Had our lunch at Siam Express. ;)

While waiting ; kept luan shoot.

siam express's tissue. LOL

Agnes. HAHAHA.

Gotcha ! xD

cacing the leng lui.

me funny. and weird.

Here they came ! hah*

Agnes's nasi lemak.

Ai hong's and mine tom yam.

Cacing's spaghetti.

the drink.

Watched Marley & Me. The dog is so cute yet freaking naughty. *abnormal doggie* LOL. We cried in the end. T____T it die at last. tsk tsk* *tissuesss*

Finished movie then went to Komtar for leo idol contest. ; )

saw this :

rainbow. ; D

We're late to there. Late for an hour. Luckily, it haven't started. xD But no seats for us. The last row. Oh dearrrr ~

Yi mei, Yee Ling and Dean Jiun were in 11 finalist ! CDK rocksss ! xD
But the end. Gini the pcgs girl won the 1st. She is great ! very great. Congrate to her. hee*
Yee Ling was geng too. The 3rd. Jia you*

Credits to Chaiwei.

the boy 2nd, yee ling the center and Gini the 1st. XD

Gini, jia you in KL !!

p/s : Don't FORGET to vote me for previous post. xDD TQ.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

Well, today didn't go anywhere.
Chit-chating with 2 siao lala now. One is darling, Wan Theng. Another 1 is XINLU aka xinli. HAHAHA. We are argueing who's the most mature? Come vote come vote ! Vote me please ! LOL.

xinlu !!

wan theng.

me ! the most mature !

Due to the fair-ness, this post will be appear on our 3 bloggers. xDD
Wan Theng : http://wantheng529.blogspot.com
Xinlu aka xinli : http://idotyou.blogspot.com.

Do click it and check it out !


❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Saturday, March 14, 2009
Exam was over yesterday. Ohh yeahh, I got some subjects' result. It's sux though pass. == I can't really satisfied of them. It should be better, maybe. LOL.

Well, after re-tested the bm paper. We had to continue study. Then, gotong-royong. It was so L-A-M-E. My class got complaint by the disipline teacher. Because the windows still unclean compared with other classes. Ishhh, what happened ?

HAHAHA. Saw all cute cute photos of our childhoods. So-called the tian zhen memories. xD Me, Wen Hui, Seok Hwa, Cacing and Agnes brought then shared at school. They were SOOOOO CUTIEEEE for the past. Sure, they are pretty leng lui now. hah.
p/s: Missed out Wan Theng and Yi Lin, they had forgotten about the plan. >.<


i was in 3 months. == so fat and big size.

one year old. Agnes said i looked lc on this. LOL

my 1st birthday.I was staring of the knife ? @.@

i was one and the half year old. With bro. ;D

i was 2. I fetched kcyang ?! lol.

i was 3. with bro again. at the tokong batu (old house)

i was 4. spot some1 ? henry the most right side.

new year. =]

1st time in airport when i was 4.

1st trip. mana tu ?

i was 5. xDD

1,2,3. me kcyang and bro. i was 6

my sis ! chubby. xDD

i was 7. i stepped my bro's leg. *evil*

now 2009.

Bla bla bla. since 8-year-old. I don't really took photo. Because i had cut my hair like mushroom. haha. that's all i share with you. Till then, i miss my childhood MUCH.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.


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