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.Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na ~
So what ? I'm still a rock star !

*playing so what by pink*

is coming ! Ohnooooo. D:
Inactive until the start of November.

You know that.

.Wednesday, September 22, 2010
At first, wishing you people
Happy Mooncake Festival !


Just home from BBQ. Thanks rovers.

Okay, let's start our topic today. No offences, but I really do want to say 'bout it.
I've came up with few types of relationship problems. *not my problems.

First, misunderstood. This is much serious problem to break down your relationship. Okay, I'm not mentioning anyone. It's just i felt that whoever in a relationship, PLEASE AVOID to get closer of other girls or boys or another saying, flirting or even a very harmless flirting. As you know, this world exists of MUCH LIFELESS PEOPLE around you, they gossiped, talked crap or even spread rumors and came up with different stories. Importantly, mind your partner's feeling after know it :D p/s : girls are more sensitive on this issue, maybe some guys too ?

Secondly, it's like when you cared so much, but hey, your partner might saying you've left out of her/him. You might feel very weird when got complained from your beloved, right ? But please. Don't not say whether which side is true or wrong, but caring more and giving confidence to your partner ! Let her/him feels that "you're the one who always there, not leaving you". If still not working, you both do need to have a talk. Don't just avoid or escape from it.

Not confidence in own self ? Wake up girls or guys ! You may feel that yourself are ugly, shorts or whatever negative thingy. Whenever have a gathering with friends, your friends' gf, bf. *WHOA SO HANDSOME SO HOT SO BRIGHT !* But you ? sitting aside emo corner. Hey, this world, perfect doesn't exist. Others might having a good looking, doesn't mean their everything is good. Be confident, and having a pretty sweet heart mind and soul. Thanks God who give you what you have now. :D

Okay, pretty tired. I shall end my post now. Will share some ideas to you all another days.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Friday, September 17, 2010
This Wednesday, went to Tao with colleagues. Guess what ? It's my first time visiting to there. Woots* Its food are so awesome ! I'm likin' it.

Hot babes ; yee wuan and adeline :D

She's kate. Made me laugh like hell.



cacat. lol

acceptable. lol

Okay, I'm lazy to elaborate about it dy. After ate, we went for shopping for awhile. Reached home around 12.30am. zzZz. Kena road block. =.=

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Tuesday, September 14, 2010
I've to say that, this holidays was just ended too fast.
Spent it with working ? Amadehhh.

B - eing
U - nder
S - atan's
Y - oke

Ice-cream is waiting for me now. Chaos*

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

Emo corner
.Saturday, September 4, 2010


❤ ziwei.

You know that.


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