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.Wednesday, August 1, 2012
I believe everything comes from the fate. No matter with a bad or a good start, my ending would be the best even it's the worst. I believe it will make me stronger, strengthen and tougher!

Obviously, life is so hard. Kinda emotional these days. Tests, assignments and final are killing me do bad. Those weren't the worst. I felt I'm seriously lacking of interaction. I miss my old friends. I miss the craziness that you guys made, the fun you guys shared. By the time goes by, everyone is gonna leaving to every part of the world. I hate myself that cannot spend more times with old friends. Sincerely, miss you guys so much. Even, friendship will be forever. But, I definitely hope that time would not faded it. Perhaps, I just haven't grown up, I'm still young in my soul but not my body. I could not really think critically, yet.

You know that.

.Friday, June 29, 2012
Dear bloggie,

Alright, it's been awhile, again, have no time to blog. Partly because im too lazy.
Lol. Life's so ' kampung' nowadays since I came here, Kampar.
Here's my hostel.

Besides, cycling to school, im still cycling out of the hostel to hang out.
This was the after so long since I cycled. Maybe it's a good experience for me.
You know right ? healthy lifestyle. I never experienced that so many bicycles around me.
I felt so surprised..... ! Just for example, my hostel already got such amount of bicycles.
Can't you imagine that !?!?

people here really very "healthy" huh ? But, I would scare my legs become very muscular. eeeeee*
Some more I can bet on you, accident here, mostly is bicycle bang bicycle. ==

Somehow, I like my uni much. weee

You know that.

.Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Dear bloggie,

Whoa, few more days to go.
I finally have to leave Penang, not rich enough to get over,
but still, I would miss Penang's Home, Friends, Food.
Not to say, but, I not really like my hostel,
the environment, the places, the things,
although it's cheap enough to let me get over there like 4 years.
Compared to those overseas, gahhh* I'm so envy, I have no rights to complain. Haihs

Other than that, the problems.
People do change; changed a lot.
Im so disappointed, but I have to act like nothing happened.
The feelings of being left out, is so sucks.
Sometimes, I just hope Im thinking too much.
Hope the fact it is. :(

You know that.

.Wednesday, April 18, 2012
The recent random photos of me.
Make sure you guys still remember. ;p

I will be leaving Penang very soon.
Not overseas though it's my dream that never come true yet.
Trust me, I will try to fulfill it in the future, either vacation or something...
Wish that once in the life time of mine, I would have chance to visit the far away you.

Friends oh friends, we have not much time.
I really hope we could spend some times together before everyone be apart.
Don't disappoint me again. ;(

You know that.

.Thursday, April 12, 2012
Dear bloggie,

Yesterday, was the first time, I experienced the 'pathetic' moments when  tremors happened twice in the shopping mall.
As you know, I was working over there.
The moment when the security chased us out of the mall by using his high volume voice;
every single people ran nervously from the top; some people shouted like crazy,
And, we (me and some colleagues) knew nothing happened, but we were as nervous as a whore in church.

Ran out from the mall, we saw this scene, this was hilarious.  I never know there's such a huge amount of people. All people were kept calling to their loves one, making the network became zzz.

Well, it's funny how people reacted now as big issue happens. The first thing, we would do is either take photo, or  FACEBOOK, the power of it, really can't be underestimated. LOL

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Monday, March 5, 2012
Dear bloggie,

So damn fast, it's March. 
There goes, the day, of releasing STPM result has come.
It's freakin' scary. I don't wanna cry.
Pray damn hard to wish get a good result. Ahhhhhh***

Working life is tiring. :(
But, still appreciate my friends who came to visit me. 
Especially, mei and june. hehe


thank you guys, it's very happy that can meet you all.

Yours  truly,

You know that.

.Friday, February 24, 2012

身边朋友都开始有新的事务围绕, 例如感情?





You know that.

.Monday, January 30, 2012
Dear bloggie,

Finally, I have ended the 'bak gua mei' job, and started the new one today.
I was so blessed that met girls like you guys. Love you guys the most.
Although, sometimes, we met the hard times, but in the end, we're quite happy.

and of course, not to forget our doink doink, the best boss.

see the domino's pizza ? he treated us after a long persuade. haha

Hope to see you guys again. I miss you guys already :(

Chinese New Year, ends so fast this year, I was been loving it so much.
It's the only precious time, whole family can gather together, chit-chat happily. 
I never want to end it. so sad. 

Next, the first birthday party in 2012.
Thank you for inviting me, quite surprise that I was invited, even if we were not close enough.
Hope you faster get a suii suii eh GF like bowling la har. :p
Had a great chit-chat time with you guys too. Thank you.
Wish to have it again. And sorry to someone, Im so sorry, we not meant to, I thought, we could back after the party, but seriously, we were not boh xim. :(

Great days at the beginning, and i love it.
Hope my job will be 'soon soon li li', everyone also be healthy.
Dragon's year ! HUAT AHH !!!!

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Dear bloggie,

the so-called doom's year.

The beginning of the year, I already feel disappointed. :(
Money rules the world ? 
I more like going to, money exposes human's evil.

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Friday, December 30, 2011
Dear bloggie,

It's time to welcome a brand new year.
Everyone's hoping that the new year treats them better, so do I.
One day left, every mess, seems to have to be stopped.
I just don't wish to have a terrible new year.

Oh well, start working again on new year eve.
It seems to be a good news to me.
Well I'm scared that my supervisor will think that I'm not responsibility at all, though.
I have promised him that I will work for him for 2 weeks.
But then, today, I had received a call from another job, it's high payment, I don't wish to lose the chance.
My supervisor's good, but, I really feel sorry that I cant work for him for another week.
I'm really sorry yet guilty, indeed.
Yes, I was born to be coward, I scare of everything, I nervous of everything.
I'm just scared of giving people a bad impression, and yet, I always did; I feel so depressed of it. :(

Alrights. I should sleep now, Its 3.40 am now.
Should say, this is the earliest among these days.
Reason ? Watching anime, LOL.
Do people like happy ending ? In my opinion, I don't like.
Neither like sad ending nor happy ending, everything that with a ending, I will feel so sad.
Might say that I'm selfish. If I have a chance, I rather stop before the end comes.

Yours truly,

You know that.


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