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.Saturday, January 31, 2009
That day ; afternoon around 1pm ; My cousin Henry aka zhen quan came my house. He fetched me went to Anthony's house for a visit.

First, we met Wen Hui up at Keang Tian primary school since that my cousin don't know the way to Anthony's house. Later on, met Chin Tatt & Wei Chung up. errr, seems like many ppl don't know I'm Henry's biu mui ! Heyyy, is biu mui ! Get it ? ==

After got our lunch, i mean them, we reached his house !

Needed to break the balloonss before in. Hoho* I'm brave enough, broke 3 balloons. Weee ~ Then, gave anthony some "present" then got inside.

the leng luiss except me.

with anthony. super silly face me. paiseh*

the sexy babess. wen hui and sok hwa's sis.


I was nothing to do. So, just took around.

Hoho* i found something.

cute than me. LOL

is him. lol

the visitors. =]

tell me ! it's TV ain't PC. == but it's pc.

michael jackson ! peee-lehh ! lolz.

chin tatt and wen hui. ;)


6smtg back home.
To sir : any disturbing, sorry. xDD

OKAY OKAY OKAY, got a siao lala complaint me, didn't gt his picha. ==
nahh~ ngeh ngeh found out your pichass .

here's his blog link.
henry aka zhen quan


It's 7th of CNY. 人日。

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

The 2nd day.
.Thursday, January 29, 2009
Omg omg ! I almost lost my necklace during CNY period. Shocked* luckily, i found it BACK. Another suii thing, I dropped my hp twice ! I never dropped it before. ==

my necklace ! nice ? AMOUR. <3

Replay to 2nd day of CNY ; visited to Tokong Batu ; manyy relatives there. ;)

Hotter than the 1st day. ==
After lunch, went to butterworth - simpang empat.
An hour long journey to reach there as the traffic jam.

the relativesss. chit-chatting.

gambling. lol

Before back. Dinner time.

steamboat again.

The last, back home with a long journey again. LOL. sleepy siaa.

another me.
❤ ziwei.

You know that.

First day o f cny.
.Wednesday, January 28, 2009
The first day ; went popo's house ( mom's parents ) as every year.

Hot and bored just like the previous post said.
Ah ma, Ah gong, Ah yi, Ah teow, ah kim, ah gu, mami, papa and all cousinss all crowded in a house. == lmao* lao juak niaaa. HA !

with relatives. =]

sis ; ching yi ; may yi.

We kids, nono, should be teenager. ;)
Went for practice motor. Too bored then. HAHA*

cool ? hahaha* may yi and me.

I almost bang to the "wall". luckily I didn't. pheww ~

Oh yeaaa. Henry's doggie ! Kept to disturb us. Shoooooo ! I scare of you. I mean us. ==

doggie knows perasan too ! haha* It knew me captured it.

After that, gamble time ; cho tai ti. NO Money allowed ! LOL.

Oh man ! I lose like hell ? == LOSE ALL GAMES. ==

haha. my 2nd ah gu, he always played with us. wee ~

The next, Netcity. Because it's too bored. bored till nothing to do.

gaming* LOL

Lastly, henry needed to go taiping. We backed. Still the same ! bored ar bored ar. ==

fringe up or down ? lolz.
happy cny again.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Monday, January 26, 2009
Okay, Today is CNY. I'm here with my cousins; Netcity which located near-by New world park and my popo's house. hee*

Got manyyyyy ang pausss just now. Errr, so hot yet so bored. So, decided to go netcity play-play ?!

Yesterday was reunion dinner. Nothing special as usual. ;)
But after that, with cousins again. We went for movie at midnight. Syokkkkkk*

we watched this.

It's quite amazing movie. Love it*

the dad and the daughter. LOL





P/s: where's my ang pau ?
everybody said " i haven't married"
== sobs*

❤ ziwei.

You know that.


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