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.Monday, October 24, 2011
Dear bloggie,

Great days ahead.
I shall be staying home for revisions on this Deepavali one-week-long holidays.
Hope the plan would not be failed of my laziness.
zw, it's the END of October !
No more playing !

P/s: so randomly say that :
"Damn, i just feel my Facebook new feeds is getting more and more disgusting stuff!"

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Dear bloggie,

Whoa, I don't know why I have been so tired lately.
I kept on sleeping. Sleep and wake up, sleep and wake up, sleep and wake up..........
Currently, was just awake from my 2nd nap. 3 hours. omg

Okay, share the experience of the MUET speaking test today.
I was so nervous, NO, was super super nervous and panic. Could not talk properly.
For me, I'm a chinese-educated student.
Have a british-ish accent, is hard for me as don't speak english around with people.
So, before that, I kept reading articles, not mind-reading, the real read with the voice out.

I was the candidate A, which was the first person to talk in my group.
So panic, so scared of not enough time for preparation.
You know right ? It's only for 2 minutes.
And for other candidates, there's the bonus time, they still can prepare while the candidate A speaks.

I got this question,

Which are the most important qualities for making any relationships stronger and better ?
(something like that)
A : Respect
B : Honesty
C : Generosity
D : Tolerance

It was pretty easy, ain't it ? But still, panic-ness killed.
I felt like screwed up. For sometime, I don't know what was I talking about.
What I have done was just talked non-stop.
Well,Just pray hard. :)

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Sunday, October 16, 2011
Dear bloggie,

Sunday, here it is. Another new week has come.
MUET speaking test is on Tuesday. Well, I am retaking the test to aim for higher grade.
Hope everything will be going smoothly.
Again, I can't stop being panic. How to overcome it ?! Help*

My mind is messed up, everything is messed up..
Hide it myself is the better way ?
If someone really good to you, he/she would want to study more and learn to be good.
The he isn't, but the another he, he was.

Well, forget about it. ....

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Dear bloggie,

Let's say HI (boooo) to STPM !!

38days left. 

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Dear bloggie,

Hurray ! Let's talk about my school's prom !

we named it as Night of A Thousand Stars.

The photo was taken before it started though. We were in rush.
We did make up by own. It absolutely save lot costs. In my opinion, if you know how to make up, please do it yourself, it's not worthy to pay for those. And it costs much.

credits to weiken ! wee

It was success or nor ? People judged themselves.
For me, the feeling was quite high like clubbing LOL. Except the buffet part, I had no chances to eat at all !
There got my lovely mussels, a lot of mussels and a big bowl of mushroom soup !!!

the photo section

 hands in the air !

Well, it gave a lot memories for us. I guess we all will remember that night.
Not the 1st time to attend prom, but still, I love it.
Definitely will go to this kind of events again. AND, IMPORTANTLY, haahahhah, I hope have someone to sponsor me next time. :p jk*

he gave kinda much "feeling" to us, trust me HAHAH

the choir group.

never forget to vain hah

Science one girls ! XD

have no idea why i always being so =.=

Alright, i won lucky draw too ! hhahHhH
siao liao siao liao :p


You know that.


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