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.Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Dear bloggie,

Found this song on my lappy.
hmmm. Reminds me of somethings.
Simple Plan <3

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear bloggie,

It's Raya holidays. I should be happy though as no need for schooling.
But yet, humans are always hard to satisfy ? LOL
I have nothing to do. I wish to earn money instead of everyday hanging out, wasting money.
Gosh, so soon so soon I think I'm really gotta broke.

Gahh, I'm so not wasting my holidays just like this.
Should make something interesting!!

Maybe I should go beach for photoshoot but the weather is so zzzz (fattening).
Never stop raining. gahh gahh gahh.
okay. byeeeee. just randomly update.

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Dear bloggie,

It was quite sometimes, I logged in my blogger and I logged out again.
Felt insecure writing something here.
Self-protected mode is activated ? I guess.

Whole sixth formers are busying to prepare their prom customs.
Everyday, its all 'bout prom prom prom, especially girls. Don't ya ?
How 'bout trials ? Its before prom.
LOL. I seriously started to scare when I knew the shitting timetable for STPM, last few days.

STPM time table:
21.11.11 0800-1100 PA2
30.11.11 1400-1545 CHEMIS 1
01.12.11 0800-1030 BIO 2
1400-1630 CHEMIS 2
05.12.11 0800-0945 BIO1
06.12.11 1400-1700 MATH 1
08.12.11 0800-1100 MATH 2
13.12.11 1400-1600 PA 1

Why do the two hardest papers put at the same time ? TT

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Dear bloggie,

I was just too free for now,
LOL, kinda LOL while reading those blog post that written in 3 years ago.

I changed a lot. Not to be self-praised.
But, like seriously serious, I have become mature ! :p
From the outlooks and the thinking, even the talking style,
totally different.

Might say that, I was like no worries in the past.
And now, not say about that, too much worries that can't be counted.
Realistic changes the world.

Yours truly,

You know that.

Never fade.
.Monday, August 15, 2011
Dear bloggie,

The memories, flashed back these few weeks.
Goddamn, I shouldn't ...! And, I can't......
It's long, I have been knowing you until now.
How hard should I to be forget 'bout you. How hard it is !

I finally know the decision you've made might be right.
If not, I will be worse than now.
All I hope is you to be happy. I'll bless for you, always.
Please take care.

ziwei, try to care less, too.
Yours truly,

You know that.

.Friday, August 12, 2011
Dear bloggie,

When people asked you to smile, ask yourself.
Are you really smiling from your bottom heart ?

Everything's lost except;
the beauty scenes are still wandering in my mind.
I dreamed I hoped.
But, it just could not make it rights.

Oh dear, it's memories, memories, memories.
How I wish, those moments would be back to me.

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dear bloggie,

Finished my 2nd term test, way too near my STPM, already.
Kinda afraid of it. Left 104days more.
Gahhhh. Please save me. Time really passes real fast.

Two years, I was so not hoping this to come. But, it came to the end, at last. :(
Gotta more and more friends, leave this year and next year. I will miss you guys, like seriously.

the best friends.

w/ girls.

the family.

Bye bye, friends. :(
All the best ! Remember to bring souvenir come back. :D

Yours truly,

You know that.


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