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27.2.2009 Sukan tara.
.Saturday, February 28, 2009
Yeahh. It was additional sport yesterday. In malay, we call it as sukan tara. Ohhh my goodness, my legs' muscle cramped in the early morning. Crab* I-d-k what i'd done last last night. Suak liao suak liao. sighh*

Went school around 7.20a.m. Then, It's started. Red house and blue house were going to run 100m first but yellow house and green house were lontar peluru-ing. Yeahh, i was kinda kin jiong (nervous) that time. Got a bit different on this year ; red house and blue house ran together in the same 6 lines ?! Isn't more competitive compare to the last 4 years huh ? hah.

Apa tu ? What the hell the field ?! It's full of much holessSS. Yeahhh, UNCOUNTABLE.
It's turned me ! Failed to change the row and ran together with my darling who is blue house. ;( Too bad. Ran ar ran ; jump ar jump ( jump to skip the holesss ) Peeeeee ! Time's up. What the ... .... . The finishing line is only front niaaa. Less one foot step to reach it liaoo arr. sighh* disqualified.

Due to teacher who recorded the result, red house only get 10 marks and blue house was 11 marks in running 100m section ?? Horrible* Too hard to run liao lahh, summore much people kept pok-kai-ing. LOL. ==
After that, turned to lontar peluru. It was Yeahhh ! Red house has scored 73marks in this section. Haha* I got 1 mark here.

Something bad happened in the blue house, all of us saw it. Weyyy, ginna. Do you have manners ? Does your mom teach you ? One student who just transfered from pths, she pushed the peluru on teacher H !! Because of her eyes mata sepek ? We were like OH-MY-GOD. All of us uproar-ing.

Let's me tell story to you. Teacher H was adjusting the thingy then the student like was blind then thrown the peluru. Wth huh ? Teacher was in front of her nia lehh ! Wondered isn't her eye sight got blind ? ==

Teacher C was so kek dong, scolded her. Guess what ? She was like non-her-business. == Moreover, she scolded Teacher C "chiak sai" which mean to eat shit. @#%*^%$
Bla bla bla. For sure, she had sent to our displin teacher and HM. Phew~ Luckily, teacher H's hand was nothing, didn't patah yet. Get well soon, teacher. ;)

Till then, added with afternoon section result.

Green house
and Yellow house forget liao. But green house the 3rd and yellow the 4th which i knew. ;)

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

big-head-photo. ==
.Thursday, February 26, 2009
Ohhh Ooohhh OOhhhhhh.
Today was the last day for taking the clubsss' photo. Form 5 liaoooo, wa aged like ah mahh liao. tsk tsk* *Lots nerdy photo on the last year* lmao

Tomorrow is the day ! hah*
Sukan tara niaa though. Last year for me, I've to miss it after this. Hope i can score for full marks- 2 niaaa. xP What'll happen on tomorrow ? I also DK. Stay tuned, peoples. ;D

Attention here.
Remember the so-called big-head-graduation-photo that i mentioned last time ? Actually, i got it since last week. I was dilemma. Wonder should i post it here ? Yeahh, i made the decision ; I PUT IT HERE. How dare me ? I know i'm geliiiiii. Don't say liaooo. hurt diok me niaaa. >.<

*click to enlarge.* muchhhh different. OMG

Ishhhh ~ my hair so untidy also boh ka wa kong ! ==
Till then. *crying*

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

short post.
.Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Ohh yayy. Today didn't study much as well. Whole form 5 students supposed to include in taking photoss of whatever-which-club. LOL.
Of course, it's related to graduation magazine again. ;)

It was Happy moment on that time.
Kept to take photo. Obviously, I love photography ! heee*
We're lepak-ing after this. 'cause lazyyyy to study and it's bell ring soon. HAHAHA.
Gahhhhh, when i will get those photo ?! send me send me lahhhhhh ! :P
p/s: yayyy ! Will take again by tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

OKAY. I jump the topic of today to this nonsense.
What does the family mean huh ? Father and mother I Love You ?
Hahahah. == It ain't funny. I hate my family for NOW !!!
NO peace between us. Wthhhhh.
Even asked for help 'bout an add maths' question, the war has begun.
You ruined my mood EVERYDAY, EVERY MOMENT.

I'm dying. zzzzzzz

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

Birthday party.
.Saturday, February 21, 2009
It was Liyana's birthday. Well, the actual-date of her birthday is 15 February. Yeahh, i admitted that i 'm lazy. So, post here up after a week.

Err, something happened. Ai hong's cousin who fetch us to the bday party. She was accident. *shocked* Unfortunately, she was nothing but car. ;)

Party started. But in quite "cold" condition. ==

while waiting the food.

this is olc. kept am-chio-ing. LOL.

this is bday gal. xD liyana.

Yummy yummy, It's full of table. But we just ate little ! LOL. How waste we were.

the soup. It looks geli but nice. ;D

the huan zhu-sss. xD

these called what ?

fried chicken without bones.

without source yet. =]

the so-called big pizza.

After ate, we went to opposite site of liyana's shop. That's near gurney plaza. ;)
We took lotss picha there.

me gone the half face. == failed.

hah. again.

olc and her sis, lan ming.

between them. I look mature right ? HAHA*

oyc, cah, olc, olm,kzw;)

The next, gaming time. O-M-G.
need to dance, need to sing, need to pose on the stage, do the stupid thingss. ==

the games' maker. yi yen. the left.

sp dancing. whoaa.

After gaming, eat again that we left just now. In addition to that, dessert and sing happy birthday song to liyana. weee ~

Shyytttttttttt ! My hand-phone out of battery on that time. kinda... . .. ==
no more pichass on the important moment. == credit to oyc aka hanael aka cacing and sp aka seok peng.

liyana with the cake.

kiss the cake ? haha. nope.
took the candles out niaaa.

our desserts. ;D

Again the game. We lose. T.T
The punishment was eat the custom pizza that only full of chilies. ahhhh !

see the pizza. w-t-h.
it fulled of many species of chiliessss. ahhh. ==

the faces after ate pizza. all tearss. LOL

Till then.


the birthday girl. liyana.
❤ ziwei.

You know that.

The Valentine.
.Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Valentine's day. Gurney-ing with Xinli, C.ziwei, ai hong, yaching, olc, liyana and ... .. . .

All our plans were GONE almost the half . ==

  • Reached gurney before 4pm.
  • Be a spy on that day.
  • Go for watching 18pl movie.
  • See leng-zai. ( 朱豪仁 )
  • Eat at FISH MARKET.
  • Shopping to buy thingy.

First, headed to big apple donut.



Next, we planned to watch 18pl movie. We bought the tickets failed to get inside. SO-WHAT ? hahh. We look childish. lalala ~

Hah. Suan-lehh-bahh. We did enjoy with our valentine's dinner at fish market. Actually just Xinli and me. Others .. . . ... keep fit ? Ishhhh ~ costed us much. Well, both of us were terrible full like pregnant. HAHAHA.


ghost. lol.

ai hong and xinli.

Weee ~

lemon tea.

the soup.

xinli's and mine. yummy.
p/s: we ate half. haha.

Then then then, white-black luan walk. We saw IT. ahhhh ! Missed it. He was buh-bye ~ ==
Who told us boh liao eh har ???

Traffic jam. reached home while 11.30smtg. ; )
The end.

p/s : I don't really saw couples that i know. WUUUU ~ ==
p/s: Spy mission failed !

that day me. hah.
really childish mehhh ? ==

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Saturday, February 14, 2009

❤ The Valentine's Day. ❤

will you give me ? xP

Nothing for me. Hahh.
But, I will celebrate it after school with my lovely friends.
I love you, my friends. ;)
Hohoho* I will be a spy on Valentine at GURNEY PLAZA. weeee ~ See how lucky you are. All the couples, Don't let me and my friends to meet you. hahh* Suprises may given to you. LOL.
We are serious. muahaha* *evil evil*

p/s: 有人说;爱情就像便便,来的时候挡也挡不住,冲走了无法“挽回”。哈哈哈哈 ( laugh die me )
ignore this. lmao*

Another night that I MISS YOU MUCH.
❤ ziwei.

You know that.

let off.
.Wednesday, February 11, 2009

God brought me here ( my parents actually ).
Tell me ! sincerely,

i survive ; for what ?

i study ; for what ?

i have a wonderful life ; for what ?

hah. Its end while i dead.

To make our life colourful ?


Its just a consolable reason to let us continue to live.


Hah. I'm wearing a mask.
Never know what I thinking of. Included myself. ;)
Pretended, pretend and pretending. LOL.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Monday, February 9, 2009
Lameeeee post here.

Hey buds,
some closet friends (xinli them) and me were exhausted summore burnt midnight oil lately. No time for being homework-ing. For what ? mah si this lohhh. ==
But how ?
good and funny ? MAYBE.
Its just like rubbish that we wrote as you thought ? MAYBE.
Do you think its easy ? MAYBE MAYBE. ==

The choice you made for now;
apa you mau? Just go liaooo lahh. Write whatever you like.
DON'T BLAME on me or us after the graduation magazine come out !
And now, the details ain't definitely wrote by me okay ?
I just edited them some. ( I boh lat sia liaoo. )

No offences here.
This post just to let you know the KOhh of write of this kind thingy. tskk*
peace, man. ;)

Anything just tell me if you dislike.
I would try to make until you cinta it.
toodles and take cares ;)

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Sunday, February 8, 2009
The past Saturday ; It was like .. . . .. W-T-D ? *Don't know how to describe*
Fun ? Maybe.

Headed to school for my club's activity, Science and Maths society. The first day of Gerko this year. Terpaksa mau pergi mia. Get what i mean ? Form 5 students know it definitely. LOL.

Okay okay, back to the topic. Activity for first day, The main character was an EGG. ==*
yeahhh, we needed and purpose summore suppose to "rescue" the egg. Lame but fun. xDD

In the process, do whatever thingy that we can rescue the EGG from the high position throw to the ground.

Audrey, Yong yu.

Well, same group with Audrey, CZW, Yong yu and an unknown junior.
I said OMG. Lil-junior arr, we are very friendly eh mahh, meng kia. We wouldn't eat you eh. Don't cry lahh. ;)

Tah-daaaaa !
we made this.

Euuu ~ My group was the first group. ==

lalala, czw and yong yu and unknown junior at upside. xD

3,2,1.. *piak pong piang* The sound of boxes "reached" to the ground. lmao* Aiyo, my group's egg just a little bit broke. Ishhh ~ == suakkk* Process more important then. xD

. . .

Went to prangin in the afternoon by bus. Traffic jam siaaa. I've reached but friendss (Lfei, Yching). . . . .... Lonely with the mp3 for half an hour more. Next on, they reached. pi giant for the ingredient of spagheti. Yu-hoo ! We're having party. ha. jkjk* It's tuition and party actually.

Since june's mom fetched us to the teacher's house where we-d-k where it located, we supposed headed to pesta by bus for meet June up. Siaaa suiii thingy happened on the bus. I falled down again. WALIAOOO ehh. Siaa suiii. ==

Reached our goal. weee. Xinli them reached too. Cook ar cook, eat ar eat. diang*

having party sambil tuition. lol.
night 9smtg. BUH-BYE. ;)

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Thursday, February 5, 2009
I'm failure. Terrible failure. sigh*
Failed to plan, failed to be a student, failed to be a daughter and yet failed to date you out too. kinda upset*

I took the hyper-big-brave out to ask you out as the last memorable of us. Though i knew my chance was so less, even 0%.
That's why i expected the answer. At least I've tried it.
chill* Goddd, give me a chance to make miracle please ! T_____T

By the way, shyyytt school life. I hate it much that i never thought. Lemma*
Homeworks were given much as mountain for now, even the stupid sivic's homeworks. Hell man, wasted our golden time lehhh. ==

Heyy, friends or ex-classmate ? I made this. Any comment ? Need to change it again? Reply it as fast as possible. NEEDED IT ASAP for graduation magazine already. ==

moody girl's life.
❤ ziwei.

You know that.

" Che 5 "
.Sunday, February 1, 2009
Hang out again. But I was late AGAIN. LOL. No transport siaaa. Needed to take bus. pity pity* Of course, Ai hong and Cacing with me along. Same reason with me NO TRANSPORT. gahhh* I wanna drive ! even NO LESEN. ==

3pm reached Queens.
As we late, boh tan took the so-called "big-head-sticker".T________T tsk tsk*
p/s: 1st 2 pichas get from chaiwei. =]

the pink ?

the blue ?

weee ~ got me ! xDDD

luckily, chaiwei them invited me to take some ! muackz* love you ! ahahah* xP

Next, shop shop.
fiting room. LOL.

xinli, yee ling and me. ;)

chaiwei ziwei and ziwei. LOL 3 weisss.

Old town,

chocolate. sedapnya.

xinli's and mine.

walk-walk-walk. buh-bye by eunice's van. ;)

Happy because of you.
Even just a word of yours.
Simple chat doesn't mean for anyone.
But as with you, it's very important !
30.1.2009 因为你,我又笑了. ;)
ily ily ily.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.


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