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.Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Dear bloggie,

I'm coming 'home',
I'm coming 'home'.
tell the World I'm coming 'home'
Let the rain wash away, all the pain of yesterday.

It's been quite a long season of raining these day.
Raining all days long nonstop. It's good that we can sleep soundly, everyday.
But the rain, doesn't wash the sort of unhappiness of mine alright ?
I'm tired for sometimes.

Everyone's facing their own problems.
Mine, it's just minor like sands.
Though, I can't be perfunctory get through it.

I miss my friends, especially those we'd chatted or texted until the early morning to share our feeling.

Yours truly,

You know that.

Fish spa
.Saturday, March 19, 2011
Dear bloggie,

Alright, Herbaline facial provides a free fish spa treatment for the student package.
The price is so economic man. RM38 for 1st trial.

This was the 1st time I'd ever tried the fish spa. FYI, I scared of fishes. LOTS AND LOTS OF FISHES GATHER TOGETHER. But, I like eating them :/
After the facial, June was the 1st person tried this. I was scared by the 1st. Curiosity kills. So yea, I got myself the 1st trial. Luckily, the fishes don't like me ! HAHAH. See the differences below ! p/s : Ai hong never try as she also scared of the fishes.

see the wei ken's 1. LOL

so-not-lak ku.


Conclusion? The fishes like the male more ?
Anyway, you guys should try the facial treatment. It's awesome as I love their tea. :/

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Thursday, March 17, 2011
Dear bloggie,

I'm now so sick with going Gurney continuously. One word, sien ar.
Tomorrow I'm going to there again for facial.
zzzZzz. 4DAYS non-stop.

First day,

We watched this.

Quite a lot ppl rated as 'sien' movie.
I like this movie though.
If i was stuck in this condition I MUST BE REAL DEAD NOW. ;/
You guys should watch it.

Second day,

with these girls, watched this.

Well, this is a romance movie.

It's originally came from the story that we always heard since young.
I prefer the storyof the cartoon one. But I like handsome pretty guy from the BEASTLY ;D

Third day,

Okay, with jere again.:D

We watched this.

Woots. I likey this, too.
It was like you never will know the truth if u never watch the last.

Yours truly,

You know that.

Angry Birds
.Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Dear bloggie,

I guess today's the day that I face the laptop the longest time, ever.
*Check on the time now.* It's 1.25AM ! This is so w-t-f. My face and kidneys gotta be damaged again.
Changed blogskins. Nicer ? Nice? Or bad ?
Had been editing the codes for two hours in the evening. It made me so dizzy.


This is one of the reason, I've stayed up for so late now. I played it since 12AM. It's so cute that I make me uncontrollable not to stop playing this.

Well, this is the first addiction. I know I know, I should not into it. :/
But, you guys shall try. It's the hottest game for now. Everyone's playing it. HAHAHAHHAHA

Share with you guys.
Here the free download link for this dope. :D

Till then, shall jump into my bed now.

Yours truly,

You know that.

Its a new technology
.Sunday, March 13, 2011
Dear bloggie,

The last Friday, actually a schooling day. HAHAHA but teachers didn't teaching at all as giving out the results. So yay, my cute 'neighbour', munnie read her newspaper.

Oh yay again, she saw iphone 4 on the advertisement of the newspaper and she showed to me. Again and again, we had no idea. She suddenly wanna make out a 'handmade Iphone'. By using recycle stuffs in class. Like cardboard newspaper and steel.

Can't imagine that, she was perfectly done it, of course got helped from me also. (cut the steel nia, HAHAHAHA) And, we have good photographer. She brought back the 'Iphone' and took the picture. hahahaha. Was so great. I like it. We named it as Uphone 6. Its thinner, lighter, and bigger. It some more has 20.1megapixal. Really WHOA.

version one.

Picture don't lie ! DON'T EVEN DOUBT YOUR EYES
It'ss only papers !:D

Yous truly,

You know that.

.Friday, March 11, 2011
Dear bloggie,

It's after school time. You know what, I love Fridays, pretty much. The only schooling day that would not have to stay back until so late.
The school rules have gone 'insane' after the new principle came. It's strict enough(over-limited) for some of us, especially F6. We don't love F6's life.
How bad that if absence without any letters 10 demerits marks and late to school for 5 demerit marks ? This is so worse (strict) than CDK, ever.

I wonder how's my F6 graduation certificate would be ?

Well, the first tests was just ended this Thursday. Now, we have already gotten back 3 result papers. How fast ? O.o Why don't they come out after holidays ? :( I have so much works to do with, weyyyyy!

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Dear bloggie,

Guess what ? I'm having tests now. Two more days till the end.
Just home from schooling / school test.
Ohya, I got new Toshiba lappie. :PPPPP
I love it because it's covered with white 'clothes' !

Trying with the webcam.
The quality is worse, bro's better !

the original

the edited

Till then,
MUET Maths T and PA !

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Dear bloggie,

The 32' inches LCD, actually makes me dizzy all the times.
Hellooo ? When is new laptop coming to mama ?

My daughter is adorable ! ahahah. I mean niece !
She's still bald !

Yours truly,


You know that.


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