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.Monday, December 29, 2008
ha ! I'm here again. hee*

Last Saturday, i was going to oriental with my family. We sang a lot lot songs there since we've booked karaokae for 4 hours [ 5pm to 9pm ] ! weee~

henry, my bro, hoong, xuan and may yi.
may yi and xuan.

ching yi, xuan and may yi.

ching yi and my sis; zi hoon.

happy family. =]

It's my and sis turn ! xD

chicken chops and nasi lemak. LOL. Those already inside our stomach.


After karaokae, we went gurney for our supper - A&W; and movie for sure. hee* We watched YES MAN ! It's comedy movie, freakin' funny. lmao*

Midnight nearly 1am. backed home.


by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.

christmas eve
.Sunday, December 28, 2008
Wowww. Seem like i've freeze-ing my blog for quite a long time. Well, i passed a crazy christmas eve this year. ha !

1st, i went pragin with AH by bus. Isshhhh ~ traffic jam, delay time to reach gurney. Reached gurney around 3.

自恋是一种美。that's my friend told me. hahaha.

After that, we went to hotel - EVERGREEN. sipek chuan while reached there as we walked to there.

Met czw, xinli, ee ling them then walked back AGAIN. == *exhausted*
went food court and Kim Gary to have our dinner.

xinli, ee ling and suk yan.

my dessert. yuck. it looks like a shit! ==

cacing and AH. long time no see. xPP

nice huh ?? hahah.

xmas tree and me. steamy. ==

Met tbk after dinner. Too bored. 7smtg, We ain't enjoyed because just standing to waste the time. Just taking photoss around.

czw and ai hong.


Around 10smtg, spray spray spray. kena spray. == So, we planned to revenge. We bought manyy snow sprayerss. Opps. we broke the rules. LOL. =X

haha. we looked siao zha boh especially me.

kena sprayed again by stranger. ==

so tired. ==

Next, backed to hotel at 2am smtg.

me and ee ling. took by xinli.


ee ling.

ee ling n tbk.

new moon !! xPP

xinli and me.

Hungry at 3smtg. so, tbk drives to buy some snacks to us. haha*

those are not beer ! xDD

tbk tam chiak ! hahaha* jkjk.

Midnight; 4smtg, we 4 played poker ! ee ling and tbk were sleeping.

We did lotss crazy stuff there. Loser needs to phone friends to say "i love you, merry xmas, i miss you, may i know you, wake up to shh shh etc. " LOL. We summore need to go to herh's them[male's friends] room said hi, bye then quick run off. lmao* that's already 5smtg. sorry guys.

Slept at 6 smtg. Woke up at 9am. Ee ling backed. left us 5.

the views from outside.

We were tired ! especially czw and xinli. They were sleeping at the chair. Pity pity.

zi lian ! wee ~~ xDD

Well, we checked out when 11.30am. Enjoyed but tired !!! lolz* New year eve again ?! I'm not sure. hahaha* xPP


by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.


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