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holiday. xD
.Friday, October 31, 2008
1st, wishes for graduated seniors, friends, cousin & him.
Weyyyy. Congrate ! Do well in SPM. Good luck guys ! =)

HA ! syokk ! I didn't go school again. [ no no no... I'm not playing truanted. Don't mistaken. Remember, I'm guaiiiiii-est.=P ] In fact,I don't have school today because of graduation ceremony. But, 2 of form 4 classes had choosen to attend this event. Lucky or unlucky ? My class didn't kena. LOL.

Read the novel which named " Extraordinary Top Student " yesterday. Ohhhh ! The 2 main characters inside are kindaaaa pity ! T^T

by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OMFG ! I knew that i can't get A in my english when i got my essay part's mark. Duiiii~ so sad. i mean sob* ='( Terrible low marks ! horrible* never get B in this year. How could I ?? big sigh*
I wanna do more practices or else to improve it. Can i ?

Well, nothing for today. Darling them didn't go to school. Teachers all busy busy about graduation ceremony's rehearsal thingy, no more study ! wahaha. It's a good news for me since i'm lazy =X

Addicted of novels. Borrow me ! I'm bored with my life. XD
Btw, I registered for penang bridge marathon [25km] ! summore starwalk & charity run maybe. Who else going too ?? Opps ~ haven't train my stamina yet. ==

my life can't without u.
❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Goshhhh ~
I'm freakin' moody now. =(
never try to put me alone okay ?
I hate it & myself. =X

Another day will be a good day.
by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Sunday, October 26, 2008
Went Gurney yesterday. With my buddies; Agnes, OYC, CAH. We went Kim Gary for our lunch. I've ordered a little dim sum so-called 火腿蛋飛碟批 [ special name] & drinks, since i was fulled. xP

with the food. LOL i know my hair was so ==

Agnes's & mine =)

Agnes with her wong zhong zak [cantonese]

After dinner, went for toilet. We saw inside the toy "R" us got a lots of witch's hats. HAHA. Quickly went inside and played with those. Summore took a lot pictures. ha !

Agnes & me again.

Watched High School Musical 3. Trust me. It's nice. =) Movie on shown, the malayss whose sit behind us were very annoying. == kept laughing but no reason. Troy dancing, they laught. Romantic part, they also laught. What also laught, summore shaked their pretty legsss ?? let us gt free massage chair sit. @#$%^&-!@~* Grrrr* Got that funny huh??

After movie, met sy yin them. LOL. guan lai we watched the same movie on the same room.lmao* ; Agnes backed. Went for red box asked sth but NO MORE red box =(
Happy Holloween btw.

horror. LOL. i mean me X)

Went toilet again. ha ! 3 of us zi lian-ing.

both of them said this photo. i looked like a tb ?!? huh @@

nothing capture. ignored us xD

Next, went liyana's shop. But she was not there. =(
We had some "drinks" there. named Sea breeze which i ordered. [ don't learn. it's underage* ] Urghhh, it tastes... bitter ?? well, i regret =P ; reached home at 9.30pm; Had fun.

by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.

lalala ~
.Friday, October 24, 2008
Wee~~~ ! I truanted today. So what ? lalala ~
I geh si geh si slept overtime. My sis tried to wake me up; I just ignored her & said " Tell mommy; I DON'T WANT go school. " Then, i continued dreaming. Heheeee.

I'm here since woke up at 12.00pm; lmao* i slept for almost 12 hours. HAHAHA. syokkk ? Yeah, of course. Woww~ OYC told me that quite "many" frenz go school. 16 per 37 students. Waaaa~ haha, don't know what else they can do. =X

hey yeah ! Tomorrow hang out with friends to Gurney. XDD

enjoy my life =D
by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Thursday, October 23, 2008
Nothing special for today;
but just kept helping teacher copied the PAT's [ final exam ] answer on the blackboard. A lotsss words [chinese] need to copy, wrote till hand going become cacat. == okay okay, i know. I need to do my job__class' secretary as well as i could. LOL

According to our class observed for tomorrow,
1) only 2 teachers will come in our class.
2) would be less than 10 students go for schooling.
rolf* geng huh ?!

I wish to truant. =X
Well, I will try my best to persuade my mom now. hehee.

i miss him.
by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.

== sigh
.Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Unexpected our teachers marked the test paper as fast as a super rocket ! Just finished exam yesterday. Today, they already gave us the paper back. p/s: just 4 paper only given back to us
I almost qi siao & very scared at that moment. Worried about my result. =(

I've failed my BIOLOGY & CHEMISTRY but pass my physic. sigh* As i told u all before, I knew to do biology but NOT physic. The truth told me that the result absolutely opposite as i thought. I hate you ! I thought you will let me pass. Hmmpph

P/S: hey yo, xinli ! You passed your chemistry paper. Wowww~ geng mia. Just 7 people pass it in our class. You're the one of them. I'm waiting you chia me eat tom yam mee ! Don't try to cheat me ! lalala~ xP

Sy yin sent me these photoss that were took before exam. below here the photo =D ; more & more wil be upload soon. p/s:click to enlarged.

4S2. i love this photo much ! XD less 3 girls there.

ha ! see the " 2". it stand for 4S2. xD
rofl* so concentrate on study ?!that's only act out. xD

leng luisss ~ except me.

crazy + stupid me ! gong kiaa ;P

wen hui dear, xinli, me & wan theng darling XD

by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Yuhooo ! excited* Final exam was over. Weee ~
While finished the last paper-PJK, our class form teacher out of class earlier. That's only 1.00pm. Lmao* Before that, she offered us must be returned while after school time. As well as we these few monkey monkey students are naughty, of course also backed after teacher went down lah. HAHA. shhhhhhhh ~ !

Tomorrow must be a freaking bored day ! Envy those that can go Bukit Merah which organised by school, especially xinli. She kept sia us what sunshine what swimming pool & blah blah blah. Grrrr* i want go ! T______T unfair.

Well, say goodbye to all booksss. Freedom ! muacksss* Ha !
Urghh, planned learn motor from bro or dad in this week. wahaha* damn yeng siaa ! girl can ride motor. Hope i can pass the motor test as fast as possible after my birthday. Wish me good luck ! ehee =D

New life _ holidays =D
by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.

errrr.. those....

just posing =P

just edited from photofunia. Money $.$ of zi wei's country ! muahaha*

during & after tuition ! ha ! see lee choo hock there ?! captured by mei.

nothing, but zi lian-ing. xP

haha, too bored ! just random post a pichasss article. XD

sorry for damaged your eye-sight. XP
by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.

in processing.
.Friday, October 17, 2008
Finally, PMR was over. But MY EXAM haven't pass yet! huiyooo ~~ still have 2 days to go. suffer suffer ! LOL.

  1. MONDAY 13.10.2008 - BM1 , BM2 [ over ]
  2. TUESDAY 14.10.2008 - BC1, BC2 [ over ]
  3. WEDNESDAY 15.10.2008 - BI 1, BI2 , SEJ [ over ]
  4. TUESDAY 16.10.2008 - Pen.Moral, BIO [ over ]
  5. FRIDAY 17.10.2008 - MM, Physic [ just pass ]
  6. MONDAY 20.10.2008 - Add. Maths [ coming soon ]*
  7. TUESDAY 21.10.2008 - PJK, SV, Chemistry [ coming soon]*
Totally suck on those test papers ! especially physic. Grrr*
No matter how study, i still don't know what the questions asked . HA ! Unfortunately, BIO quite okay then. Wee* HOPE i can pass. I don't greedy for scored ! just ONLY PASSss. popi popi*
May god bless me =)

Well, after the final exam. WAHAHA
BUDDIES ! can you imagine that ?! can you ? can you ? XD
Is terrible & extremely syokkkkkkkkkk ! Waiting for it.. Who want hang out with me after exam?!? wakaka.. Don't bother me, i'm crazy =X

Waiting for holidays.
by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.

EXAM is coming soon !
.Saturday, October 11, 2008
Overall, school reopened of this 1st week was so sXck.
I kept vomit & feeling unwell. my mom & sis also. What the hell ?! What's the problem huh ?

Yesterday my class, Woowww ~ geng siaa ! 10 absent , 2 back earlier. TOTAL 12 absent !! HAHA. not included ME even though i'm sick. I'm GUAI-est ehh ! =)

Today, all classmates attend for take photosssssssss. Weee ~!! but except of JPM. [ reason: absent ] I love photos , camera, graphic, design... etc. hehee. Well, happened somethings bad today in our class. Just let it pass kay ?! xD by the way, picha took today will be upload soon. WAIT for me. ha !

* Will not update my blog recently. Do miss me kay ?! hehee.

all form 4 students of CDK & PMR students,
all the best on MONDAY !

13.10.2008 worry =(
by ❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Monday, October 6, 2008
It's school reopened today. sigh sigh*
Well, today got a electronic dictionary company named INSTANT-DICT 快譯通 which a brand originated from Hong Kong. http://www.appletree.com.my. Some promoters came our school to promote their product. It's quite nice then. But i more prefer BESTA 無敵 brand. hehee.

Going on assembly time, OMG ! pity us [ all students ] ! We had already sit on the floor for an hour more. Leg baaaahh ass also pain. == still keep sitting for assembly. Listen to teacher, pk pk & new headmistress blah blah blah. Finally, ended the assembly at around 9.25am. From 7.15am until 9.25am ! waliaoehhhh ! ==

Arghhh ! whole class busy busy busy ! for what ?! Too many homeworks going to copy. LOL. Now, I'm doing while blogging too. xD Allah ! Exam coming yet, homeworks also a lots to do.

I'm sick again. Get flu ~ going die i think. xD
some more after school, it's raining. Me, wan theng darling chiiong go out school. HA ! Lam diok hor [ hokkien]. Well, would fever when exam season with expectation. T______T so bad !

What a busy day !
by ♥ ziwei.

You know that.

.Friday, October 3, 2008
Sigh* holidays just bored like hell ! I thought i was planning everything ! but..... =.=
well, i wasted my raya holidays. Done 4 nothing good. Grrrrr* I'm mad now. yea yea ! mad on myself ! hmmphhh* i had promised to myself, must study on this holidays. Till now, my brain gains nothing just blank blank. OMFG ! Opps.... XP

okay.. still left 2 days to go..
is the time to say goodbye_____ raya
Holidays end !

Bubu holidays ! Harlo exam !

*click to enlarge*
study = fail ?! ==

changed my blogskin again.. previous nicer or latest ?! any comment ??

Good Luck, guys !
by ♥ ziwei.

You know that.


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