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.Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Dear bloggie,

It's midnight now. YAY ! MIDNIGHT ? What am I doing right now ? Everyone in this house is sleeping serenely there. zzZ.
Tomorrow starts, the wars of STPM and SPM, and even the finals of some colleges have just begun.
How hilarious ? I was not worrying as much as last year about me, but now for others, especially him and cousins.
HA~ HA~ HA~ 

Let's see how dead am I in this time in one year later ? I'm totally unprepared, even the basic syllabus. Thought still having lots of time ? There's always no enough time for me. How regretted that I've chosen for form 6. I should go for design !

Feel like aging day by day ? Whole body, here pains there pains, exactly like an AHMA. I'm not exaggerating but it's the truth. Amadehhh. Once I had to stay up late or all night, Yeayy like now, the next day, I will be suffering of HEADACHE, and the feeling of puking ? LOL

Forget about it. Let's say about happiness. HEHEHE
Currently, addicted to branded handbags, especially Burberry or Sembonia . Fcukin' nice ! I'm gotta break break break my purse ! :'(

Last but not least,
"Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses." -George W. Carver
So, success or fail ? That's in your hands. Neither playing real hard, nor making excuses to skip.

Happy examination, candidates.
Good lucks !

Yours truly,


You know that.

It pulled me down from high.
.Sunday, November 21, 2010
Dear bloggie,

It was an outing and comes with lil surprise.
Thanks for the 14 poems. Appreciate* XOXO

And, the ELLE purse, the be-early birthday present of this year.
I was really got shocked that you'd bought this to me.
Love you loads.

Well, it supposed to be an awesome day ? Ain't it ?
Perfect seriously doesn't exist. Imperfection comes around.
RAWR. I HATE YOU, indeed. Can you just fcukin' off and leave ? :/
If you want to complain, c'mon, FACE TO ME AND SAY IT OUT !
Thought I'm scared ? Don't ever fool this and that to my parents.
I can't resist of it ! My toleration is highly limited. THANK YOU.

 Yours truly,


You know that.

It has just begun.
.Thursday, November 18, 2010

Okay, I dyed my hair. Hmm ? There's no differences if I do not under the lights. fml*
Holidays start. Of course, part time job is never excluded.
The easiest job ever, all thanks to chingwuii :D
First day of working time, 6pm until 9pm. Guess what ? We finished the job within an hour or less. Importantly, it's high payment. LOL

Holidays, for me. It's the time to improve myself. Don't play play huh ? :p

Yours truly,


You know that.

.Friday, November 12, 2010
Dear bloggie,

Awwww. Been coming up here so often, recently.
No doubt. Such a nice listener yo. :)
Feel like 'dressing' you up once again. Readers, any recommends ?

Okay. Holidays is up to here after two days schooling.
Imma gotta dye dye dye you, my black hair.
Change myself, get a new life. WHEEE*

Ziwei, can't you just don't be so terrible next year ? :/

Yours truly,


You know that.

.Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Dear bloggie,

It's raining heavily now.
What a cold night, makes me feel so blue.
What a dull scene, makes me feel so lonesome.

I couldn't accept the facts.
I'm truly sad, truly sad.
How could I just escape from this ?

Disappointed but can't to tell.
No one's really understanding me.
How could I just not to bother ?

Look me down ?
Oh yeahh baby,

Yours truly,


You know that.

.Monday, November 8, 2010
Dear bloggie,

 Cutting hair @ Creative.

before and after

The photographs show that I've cut my hair. LOL *Exam's mood is on, still
Okay, not much differences as previous one but shorter about 2 inches ? :P

with babes.

Had a date with them after exam ends. Had visited to Gurney thrice in a week. * totally lifeless
It has been long time I never meet them. Miss the life of form 5, seriously. :(

Yours truly,


You know that.

It's over
.Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's officially ended this afternoon.
OHYES ! I smell freedom ; I 'smell' outing ! Hooray !


whoever wants to buy mask ! Do contact me !
buy more, the price would be cheaper. :D

Yours truly,

You know that.


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