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.Monday, December 20, 2010
Dear bloggie,


Currently, home from prom shopping at Gurney Plaza. The very first time, shopped until I felt guilty ! Something go so wrong man. *Nothing wrong, I really wasted a lot money! Okay okay. Already bought my gown, earrings, make up stuff and .... etc. Tomorrow continue hunting at Prangin and 1st Avenue.

Skip skip*

Let's share some photography that belinda took while outing last three days ! Ohya, june when are you going to upload yours ?
 the view.

 I prefer colours !

 being back and back !

 at red box !

siew chen the smart girl.

 It's been long, we've not taken any photo together !

 weird* this is the fav photo of mine in that day.
More at facebook ! lalala*

Yours truly,

You know that.

.Saturday, December 11, 2010
Dear bloggie,

The name of the posts, always make me perplex ? Idk what to name them. HAHAH
Let's blank it yo ! ;p

Ohyes ohyesssss, did i say i got my salary today ? Yay, I got my salary today which I'd been waiting for weeks !
Though it's just a lil amount. I'm still very happy. :)
Planning some activities for the rest of some lil time of holidays.
Hmmmm... Have no idea, yet. Any suggestions, guys ?

Okay, there's a lot differences between fully eng edu and chinese edu people.
Well, this may cause a lot offences. But who cares ?
I'm chinese edu-ed and yet my bf is eng edu-ed. LOL
As some day long I've joined them, compared to... hmmm... idk how to describe.
I'm just loving to be chinese edu. Thanks god.

Yours truly,


You know that.

Pc Expo
.Monday, December 6, 2010
Dear bloggie,

It's a very tiring work that I experienced ever. It's the past Pc Expo.
Need promoting nonstop for the WD external hard disk. Well, instead of, still I had learned some knowledge of external hard disk. LOL Never know a little knowledge of that until I worked. I'm an idiotic of PC. *winks

In this Pc expo, not much different as the Pc fair as usual. It is just smaller and the encouragement of pc is not that wide. Something that I could not be tolerated was the uniform T. We needed to wear for it for three days. Lao gao boss, why can't just preparing more uniform T for us ? HAHAH just joking* My boss is funny, damn lol. No words to describe for it.

Besides that, the commission of my job.... uhmmmm.. okay, just too low. Thanks all the customers who supported me, my friendss as well. WEEE. Enjoyed it, though.

Yours truly,

You know that.

We had fun
.Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Dear bloggie,

Here i come again. Two posts for today. First time huh ? Hahaha
Okay, wish Hanael Happy 18th Birthday yo !  Went to two new malls today. Have you heard of Strait Quay in Penang ? I guess not much people know about it but 1st avenue, right ? We almost lost when finding it. Oh well, it's actually, is we, our own self, misleading to where-we-don't-know-where-is-it. It located at behind Island Plaza only. DUH.
There is so awesome man ! I like it. And the views of there ! MARVELOUS ! Nah ! I'm vain-ed over there !

SO ? I'm vain, alright ?

I guess I'm the first girl cam-whore over the toilet there !

Okay, actually there has not many shops opened yet. Shall pay visitS after.
Next location, 1st avenue. It is bigger than I expected. Hahaha. Well, played pool even though has ashamed ourselves there. But still, we enjoyed it ! Looking forward the next time !

Yours truly,


You know that.

Dear bloggie,

How's about my birthday ? LOL. Normal day lo.  Working and staying at home, hahah
But still made a pair of spectacles for my own self as present. :P

tadaa !

Thanks for all the wishes kay ? ILY

Yours truly,


You know that.


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