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.Sunday, May 31, 2009
Window shopping with my mom, sis, auntie and friend, Ferng Ying. *long time no see*
Guess what ? I met Gini, the leo idol. She is Ferng Ying's friend. Lollll*

Was bored after that, online, camwhoring, plurk and ....? Have no idea. zzz.
By the way, I just in love with my facebook background.
It's Edward and Bella. How sweet !
I edited it through don't know what application of facebook already. sorry, readers.
But I wonder why others said that there's no background, its blanky, totally ?

click to enlarge.

Hiak hiak* Camwhoring.
sorry for damaged your eye sight. ;P

ZiWei of the May

yeng dao ! i love my sun glasses. weee ~

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Saturday, May 30, 2009
Finally, I went for undang. No doubt, like everyone said so.
It really bored, extremely ! lolll*

But the funniest is the sir, i mean lecturer ?
Always hantu, tuhan. bla bla bla* He is really funny. hah*
He asked us a question. We got P license for what ?!
The answer is Pergi Mati ! HAHAHAHAHA*
I laughed my ass totally off !

Here's my lunch. Its only the curry fish and white rice with some curry jiap NIAAA !!
costed me nearly 5. ==

wan theng's. Look like ate before ? Nononono ! She haven't ate.
One egg and one so-called very lil fried fish. nearly 5 pun. ==

By the way,
Ohhhhh, i really regret !!! I didn't attend to the mini concert. T________T
sound nice lehh.

End of the day.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.


Actually, I have received it one month ago.
Lazy to update, so.... HAHAHAHA*

spot me out ? hint : i'm sitting. x))

i'm not gonna scan it. too fake this photo.
cut and paste mia. zzz

Okay, today is the last day, pn. Huong teaches us physic.
She is gonna back to Sarawak. so far* T______________T
We will miss you lots, really. Take care, teacher.
Thanks for the advices to me. I will take you a good news while SPM. ;D

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

Exam over.
.Friday, May 29, 2009
Hurrayyy ! PPT's over !
Expected my result will be worse as I don't really study as much ! lalala*
BUTTTTT, the trial. Wait for you. I will treat you like the real SPM. x))
I promise.

Yesterday, after the last paper, chemistry.
Straight torward to Gurney after went YiMei's house. ;D
We went red box. LOL* sang for 3 hours !

with yi mei.

perasan 1.

perasan 2.

here come the crazy pose.

perasan 3. ==
siao, i know.

she's singing. xD

she perasan too. lol*

Later then, met up Agnes, Siew Chen, Wen Hui, Sok Hwa and Abby.
Met Li Fei, Jing Yii and Froggie, too. They went to interview for actress at red box.
Seriously, the director quite fierce. LOLLL*
p/s : they needed to repeat one sentence to act the different emotionals.

Headed to bbq chicken.
Opps. who is she ? our future star. hahaha*
She did practice lots but dilemma. But the end, she decided to interview. lol*

siew chen. the smart girl. =D

my dear, wen hui. ;D

The last, went to tuition.
A tiring day. lolll*

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

Exam weeks.
.Thursday, May 21, 2009
Ohyeahh* I mean OHSHIT !
Suffering on exam weeks. I still left one week, 7 days, 168 hours to go.....
Then, I got to have two weeks break liaoooo ! muahaha*

Let's say about my exam.
Add. Maths paper 2 and physic dah mati. They hurt me, indeed. LOL*
The weird-est thingy, I felt my english essay question is so HAHAHA.
p/s : the title is " the unwelcome visitor ".
It made my imagination field becomes so rich !
I felt it would related bout GHOST ?!
Idk what am I thinking of. xpppp Luckily I didn't choose this title.

Tomorrow, the history papers. wootsss*
Tamadun tamadun, lalalala. xD May god bless me and my buds, too.
Continue on my studies. Toodles*

Solve this !
Xinli sent me, hahahah*

l + (5v+u)(e+1)+5v(e-1)-ue = ?!

Curious ? Just do it. xDD

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Again, it's the exam season. Starting emo-ing.

Nothing, that's my brain said.

My brain is TOTALLY EMPTYYYY !!!

No mood for my studies. STUPID ME ! ishhh~
I hate my feeling now. Hot tempers recently, I got easy to argue with someone ?!
INSANE INSANE INSANE. Here i am ! Gahhhh*

Sometime, I was happy happy with my friends ;
HEHEHAHAHA , joking the lameys , acted like a siao zah boh ?!?
For what ??!
Otherside, I was sooooooo sad, very upset.
Maybe, I've think too much of everything.
Even worse ? Maybe, I get schizophrenia !

I cried every single nights. No ones know that, even my family or my closer friends.
Got no reasons for that. I really don't know why.
I'm weak enough, definitely. No cures. I adapted it. It is mine. sighhh*
Planned to give up MID YEAR EXAM ; But yet, thanks to peoples whom convinced me.
I'm trying to get it well.

Wonder that commit suicide is the best way to go ? LOLL*
Kidding. ;D

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

Don't Forget.
.Tuesday, May 12, 2009
OMGGGGG ! Its nice, terriblely. I'm in love with this. *hearts*
Its lyrics written by Hero Kim Jae Joong. Sing by my loves, DBSK. ;PPP

Enjoys, peeps. ;D

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

.Saturday, May 9, 2009
Exam is coming soon.
next friday. ==
Gah, gah, gahhh*

Mother's day is on tomorrow !
Buy cake ? T____T *help*

btw, today :

p/s : judge me ? FFFF* thank you. ==

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

Abby's Party.
.Wednesday, May 6, 2009
2.5.2009, Saturday.

I was invited to Abby's birthday party that day, and my cousin, kcyang too.
So, he fetched me. LOL and thanks to elev's parents. =]

Quite fun there. We enjoyed our steamboat without bowl ! HAHA*
We didn't bring it. ==

Okay. Here's the photos on that day.

OMG OMG OMG. hah* What we did ?

haha. Xinluuuu !


wenhui and shan.

new friend. Debil. =]

agnes ! got-cha.



xinluuu, u chubby loh.

Around 7 something. STEAMBOAT STEAMBOAT. lol*
Then gaming time. I was soooooooo unlucky. I always get the smallest no. of the poker cards. I kena 4 times from starting.
And sure, the punishment == is last time we played on xmas eve. But this time not so crazy.

Birthday song time ! x))


credits to nicholas. =]

Abby's bday cake.

ABBY ! *hugs*

Nearly end, we took some photos again. ;)

andy. he acted cute. LOL

sexy. hahah* xinli did the same pose !

abby, her mom and her sis.

Group photo ! =]

At last, headed to McD. Because of raining. I back home very LATE. nearly 3a.m.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.

Went Queens last Friday after tuition.
I thought we can go for studies at border ?! But, what-the-hell fulled there ?!
Border's. I hope those are mine. lol*

First, Dave's Deli for lunch.
Yummy ! XD

mushroom soup and garlic bread.


czw, and mine. xD

aihong with her CHOCO. haha*

Cancelled for studies, headed to starbucks just did some homeworks. LOL*


what is this !? CHEMISTRY !
The favourite sub among 3 pure sc. =]

credits to czw.
She took it. She kept away from camera shoot ! ==

june. The cool 1.

ai hong. The cute 1.

hahah* the cool-est !! xP

sad* left out czw T____T

Around 8 nearly 9pm. Back after Sushi King, yu-hoo !
A tiring day !

❤ ziwei.

You know that.


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