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.Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Lately, I am busy with many stuffs. Example, CAMP. GAHH* Got no time to update my half-dead blog. Last night, was just home from Elevate Church Youth Camp. The first time, I've been invited to youth camp. It's meaningful though. I've to admit that at first, I felt fear and loneliness once I stepped into the new environment which I've never been. And, I was so-not-trust on my English speaking skill. That's what I scared the most, also my weakness. I not good in communicating with new.

The first day when I was there. My mood was totally down. I'd no friends in either my room or my group. I'd just stuck with my sweetheart, Jeremy and the one who invited to this camp, Raymuelio. Sorry guys especially you, baby, I let you worried me that much. I couldn't ruin your mood to enjoy the camp.

The second day, I felt better on that day. I'd met some new friends and my group members, Carmen, Vicky, Yoong Sien, Rubes & Rubyn the sisters, Abigail, Joyce the korean , Chuin Luan, Bryan the chubby kid, Alvin, Sean, Edward and etc. ( Sorry if mistaken on your names. Just let me know. ) The most enjoyable moment, GAME TIME. I love it loads. Well, under the lead of my leader Alvin, the process went smoothly and cooperative. We named our group name as WAKA WAKA which means err.... er...... actually I don't know. *Forget 'bout it.* :P Our cheer ! I felt its cool. WAKA WAKA I like it uh huh uh huh, WAKA WAKA I love it uh huh uh huh.

The sections, I sensed a lot from God. Thanks Lord. The very-very-very-very first time, I would cry without any reasons when worshiping. As you know, I wasn't a Christian. But, I felt so faithful with Him. He always with us, never give up on us.

The third day, also the last day dy. Skipped the morning part that we group devotion and practiced for sketching. Am so admiring the leader's acting skills. LOL. Well, before started the so-called BBQ ( wasn't bbq our own self ), Without any knowledge, there's a suprising to me. Baby and Raymuelio were performing a dance - Shuffle. And then, coming up was the Talent's show. Short cut 'bout it. At last but not the least, WE WON ALL THE FIRST PRIZE. Walaooooooo, SIEN NIA. hahhaha. The word which I learned from 1 camper, Kabian.

That's all I wanted to share my experience. hee. Pictures and video will be sharing with after few weeks or few days either.

And, Its good news to Rovers, My uniform club. We went for Sacreted Heart School for Campnight. Our school won Overall and The Best Item. Greats !

Well, I also joined Relay for Life camp which organized at Youth Park.
Here's the pictures.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.


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