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Part Time Job
.Thursday, April 15, 2010
Date : 15 April 2010

Just review back those posts I've posted. Whoa. Just realised that I'd stopped my job almost a month. HAHAH* I had to admit that the job I found. Was kinda kinda kinda superb easy. My colleagues there are so friendly. No matter what race they are, no matter what's the skin colour they have. It doesn't matter. The most matter that is we are friends. That's the shop i worked before - NICHII. :) Especially thanks to my supervisor, Vivian. Taught me a lot ! hee* After marriage, remember to give me ang pau !! hah*

Here to go. Last weekend, PC FAIR was launched at PISA, Penang. Ohyea. I supposed to work as Garmin under HTC company. But yet, hee hee heee* I worked as a DiGi broadband Promoter. HTC boss, kill me kill me ! XD

The first day, Shan fetched me to PISA. Before that, we went for 'drive thru' *Palapelapa~ I'm lovin it* Did i mention that I do really love Mcd breakfast set ? :P Okay okay. Come back to here. Super early in the morning, we reached. And yea, we didn't get down from car but sitting inside to enjoy our yummy breakfast. Actually, our condition that time was kinda pressure man. GOSH* We actually scared that we couldn't do well on our job.

Okay, started to work. Kept shouting " DIGI BROADBAND RM45 FREE MODEM NO CONTRACT !! " for whole day man ! If you are lazy as me, just write your own advertisement on your board. It really WORKS !!! I don't know whether that I'm too lucky or whatever. I'd my first customer very fast in the first day. Kinda happy the feeling. Can say that " ki form liao ah" HUAT AR !! *grins* Well, this job might be easy, also might be hard. It depends on anyone's promoting skills or ability. Promoting broadband job is kinda competitive. Of course, you also find the right company. hah*

imma superb steam kia

The second day, Shan resigned. Priscilla came to work with me. The same processes as the first day. But, happier than the first day. We met a lot new colleagues. THEY ARE TOO OVER HYPER ACTIVE. Glad to work with them for those 3 days. From those experiences i gained, part time job is really good for me. It makes me grow even more :)

We used to camwhore inside toilet. Don't you ? :/

GIRLS only.

steam kia.

❤ ziwei.

You know that.


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